Pride Lock

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Pride Lock- I wanted to have something which draws attention to the campaign such as a publicity stunt. I wanted to create a video visually presenting the idea. Somewhere where people can put the locks. I need to relate it more to getting tested.

Ideas included maybe having the pride lock trees travel around the UK, so people can add even more locks. Move to different parks in London. then sell the trees and earn profits for charity. I thought about social media, including Facebook profile filters, snapchat filter.

Formative Feedback:

On the Pride Lock, I liked the symbology of safety. It reminded me of the recent #safetypin movement. Have a look at that and consider how the same success could be applied here?

– The other good thing she identified was the need for vulnerable men to make a commitment to getting tested. If she honed in on that as an action rather than just being about showing support, where might it go?


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