To overthrow the clichés of the fashion industry that pressure young girls to conform to a beauty ideal. This revolution will fight fashion through fashion, using a new She Said range as our trojan horse.


We need to develop a new fashion brand where the clothes carry our message. Beyond the range itself, we’ll need an identity ( a rally cry and a symbol) and a Mind Bomb that can draw attention to the campaign.

Linked to a website: thats what she said- acts as a voice to 15-18 the pressures they feel, society, feelings… it takes the quotes and reformats it into different handwritten text. We need to try to create a new fashion brand- new name could be similar to ‘what she said’. I thought about how the fashion industry treats young girls, this is a brand for young girls. Fashion is a means for self expression. The clothes you wear are devices to express yourself and represent you. How fashion can be used for self expression, headbands, current, badges. How the quotes can be used in the clothing and blend into the brand.


Rally Cry- ‘She Said’

Symbol Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.29.29 pm.png


Mind Bomb- take the quotes and turn them into positive messages. Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.30.33 pm.png



A world where everybody can enjoy someone’s best wishes.
This revolution will create a new getting cards range that provides a way for anyone to give and receive their best wishes.


Society doesn’t represent Britain’s diversity in an accurate way with age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, disability. Greetings cards- Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. Not really any cards for gay couples or disabled kids or christian festivals. Idea- create a new range of greetings cards which accurately reflect diversity.

Ideas- Happy Eid- Ramadan,Happy chinese new year, St Patricks day, Indian ‘Holi day’ Festival of colour, Jewish Hanukkah, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Body day- Buddhism, kwanzaa

I asked an Indian Hindu what he celebrates- Diwali, army came back when they beat demon God. Lit up the village to say welcome home from the fight. Nevrati 9 day festival, Raksha bandhan, Holi – color festival, Gunpati visurgence, Independence day India, Kite flying day India

I asked a Polish person what he celebrates- Polish Easter, Mother’s Day – 26th of May – Just wanted to include this because its date is different to the UK one heh, Battle of Warsaw  – 15th of August, All Saints Day, Independence Day – 11th November and of course Christmas. Another thing that I could say about Polish culture is that they also celebrate their name day. Not their birthday but their nameday. As in if your name is Marcin you would celebrate your name day on 24th of October or some other date. Mostly they celebrate their name day after their birthday.

I also asked someone from Sweden what they celebrate. Easter, National Day of Sweden – they just put up like tons of Swedish flags up and stuff. Midsummer – in June. Saint Lucy’s Day- now this is a thing that not a lot of people know about Sweden, little girls and boys dress up in this white dress and stuff holding a candle and sing as well. So a fact about Sweden is that once they finish Highschool they celebrate it like a lot. Just like UK celebrates University Graduations hard, Sweden celebrates high school more than their University graduation.

I wanted to use different languages as well. Possible rally cry. Don’t leave them out- one for every occasion

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-45-46-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-46-19-pm Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.47.06 pm.png

BRIEF 3: AIDS & LGBT community
To stop The stigma against LGBT communities that prevents them protecting themselves from AIDS


We need to develop a revolution that raises awareness of the issue and raises money to fight it. This means an identity ( a rally cry and a symbol ), an action that can drive donations plus a Mind Bomb that can draw attention to the campaign.

LGBT Love Latch

HIV and AIDS are on the rise again because of the increase in hate for LGBT. There is a stigma against them where they don’t want to get checked for HIV so are unlikely to get tested. Raising awareness for this issue, actions to get people to donate. Doing something interesting, finding a new way to get people to donate money for a cause. Provocative act to get people angered to are likely to contribute.

Possible Rally Cries- In the time it took for you to have your lunch break, you could have gotten tested for HIV

Get checked or get decked.

get tested or you’ll be bested

Don’t spread it, get tested

HIV- idea of getting tested before you spread it to your lover and everyone else you sleep with.

Poster- look at all the lives you ruined when you could have been tested at the prick of a finger

Or ad could be that you cut your finger on loads of things and infected people- but if only you pricked your finger on a test you would have known in 60 seconds

 Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.47.30 pm.png



Think of this as an open brief. You need to find the fight, and build a brand that can work towards changing it.

You’ll need to have the four components in place to get it going:
> An action that can help people make the difference
> An identity formed from a distinctive rally cry and symbol
> A mind bomb which can get in the news to make the revolution famous

Lots of issues in the world to sell to a brand. Needs to be something where you can see where a brand can be involved.

Issue- people throwing oil down the drain- 

Rally cries- Don’t sink it, if you wouldn’t drink it. Use your brain, not the drain. Ditch it, don’t sink it. Pipe down. Avoid blockages. its not liquid, That plumber’s crack? you don’t need to see that. you can recycle cooking oil. Please, no grease.

Issue is people aren’t educated in oil disposal.

Action- Every year after Christmas, there is a pop up shop where your cooking oil can be converted to biodiesel. you come in and exchange your oil for fuel. Or donate your oil and get a discount off your fuel. Encourage people to go to restaurants asking for their fuel. Its not so expensive to make on a smaller scale. Its expensive because you need big equipment to do it on a larger scale.

How is cooking oil converted to biodiesel?

Large amounts of cooking oil often equate to serious amounts of fuel that can potentially be created and sold – a major reason why many restaurant chains are recycling and selling their used cooking oil on an industrial scale. At-home fuel producers, however, are on the rise. With a little knowledge of chemistry and some time, you too could be producing your own biodiesel.

After much investigation we found as well as causing nasty blockages that are costly and difficult to unblock, these blockages can cause the sewerage to overflow into Rivers, streams and even domestic dwellings. In the event of a Bio Disc or Septic tank, oil and grease can suffocate the workings leading to major problems within these systems.Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.48.04 pm.png


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