I had to create a set of 3 posters which would provide advice for a life lesson.

I chose to focus on the idea of the wisdom that you should remember what made you happy as a child and bring it back into your dull life. Being an adult can be dull, don’t grow up too fast and remember your childhood. Enrich your life by bringing your childhood back. Don’t forget your childlike creativity. Don’t lose your childhood imagination


I started with the first image of a child to represent the childhood creativity and imagination you have at a young age. I wanted to have her facing back so its more ambiguous as to who it is, where it could be any young girl. This can therefore resonate with more people as it is not a specific person but of an overall persona.

I used A3 watercolour paper and knew I wanted to use watercolour paint because I was inspired by the beautiful artwork that could be created by paint splatters and abstract colours. I also bought a set of waterproof pens to go with it so that the pens would not smudge and you would still get the outline of ink to enhance the drawing.


Title: Aged 4


I wanted the girl in the same position for the second poster to show it is the same person.

To make it more similar to the first image, i also added more animals. The birds transforms into pigeons and technology replaces nature.


Title: Aged 21Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 3.20.06 pm


For the 3rd image I had her in the same perspective but I wanted her to come back round to her childhood again. I did this by placing certain objects in the same place as the 1st poster.



Title: Aged 30

3rd Image.jpg


When you are a child, you view the world in a crazy and colourful way, full of creativity and imagination. As you get older you are told to grow up too soon and you lose that childhood innocence and outlook on life. My advice would be to stay in touch with your inner child and see the world in colour. Being an adult can be dull and full of responsibilities, but always remember what made you happy as a child and enrich your life with it. Don’t lose your childhood creativity.


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