Please, No Grease

The issue i’ve focused on is an environmental one where I want to tackle people who throw their cooking oil down the sink which results is serious blockages. I wanted to create a visual story showing what actually happens when you pour grease down the sink.

I had ideally wanted to make the whole video a graphic piece, however I thought that it would take too long to create. After receiving feedback to make the whole video a motion graphic one, I decided to give it a try. The most challenging thing about creating the video was the troubleshooting, when a layer would do something what it wasn’t supposed to do and trying to figure out how to fix it. This would get especially difficult when there were loads of layers and were all intertwined with each other. This made it hard to change one thing when it would change another thing in response.



I experimented with some poster ideas, using some more humorous lines. I had previously wanted to have a brand collaboration with thames water and Toyota since Toyota was a more environmentally friendly car brand and they make popular hybrid cars. This would then work with the biodiesel since there was the issue of most cars being regular petrol rather than diesel.


Formative Feedback:

I like the reused oil idea. But rather than starting a new brand (which feels massive and hard to do with collections etc.) perhaps think about how one brand could do this. For instance, would it make sense for a car manufacturer? An energy supplier? Less as an ongoing thing but as a way to generate some positive publicity.


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