RE-UP Library Project

Part1 design


  • A story about a a young girl who’s life was changed through books and the library program.
  • Before, she saw no future for herself, wanting to be a bin lady.
  • After the library program she wanted to become something better than she was and had a better capability to do so.
  • Video to look as if drawn by the young girl, telling her story.

Part2 design

Once of the difficulties I faced was that since it was such a big and simply ‘long’ file, I wasn’t able to insert it directly into a lot of programs. This made my plans to animate the little bits of individual parts a lot more difficult and would take a lot more time to convert into photoshop layers. I created this in illustrator, drawing out the individual pieces, using the width tool to warp the depth of the strokes, giving the characters and objects more personalisation.



For the audio, I got my best friends little sister to do the voiceover. It was quite difficult to get her to go through the whole script without making a mistake or pausing. I therefore had to edit it quite a bit which is why it can sound somewhat robotic at times. This is also the version that I sped up a bit in order to keep a faster pace at the beginning of the story so the audience wouldn’t be bored.

Overall, this project took quite some time and  worked on the finer details however, it was a lot more do-able since we had a week and a half to complete it rather than a week. Since we had a bit longer, it felt good to challenge myself as to what I think I could complete in a week and a half. I would grade myself a B as this one took a lot of time, however it would have been nice to do little drawing animations but issues with the format made that difficult.


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