National Media Museum




Idea: My idea for this brief was to make the website more visually appealing by focusing on the images the inventory that they had rather than lay out all the text about the object first.

I created a mock up website design and navigation video to demonstrate how the idea would work with a more visually lead website design. I thought about how you shop online and how that is layed out so that you can clearly see all the images of the products. This helps to show instantly that there is a large range of products held. This is also true for the museum, which has a lot of undiscovered objects that are very much visually and historically appealing.

With this project, I must have misinterpreted the brief as the client feedback was that they did not ask for a website design but rather specifically, a timeline design in particular. I interpreted the task we had in that we had more creative freedom to decide what method would be best to display their collections. Overall, I would grade myself a C.


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