Magnetic Designer



  • Sharable relatable videos for social media such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Content that most people in the design industry would have experienced.
  • Video about the things clients say.
  • Humorous because they have had similar feedback or dealt with similar clients.


I based this idea off of some of the images I had seen posted on the website called ‘What not to say’ to a graphic designer. I was at first confused whether the content was created by Dennis himself however upon further research found it was created by another designer. I then thought about how this could be used to draw people in a different way. I researched different things that graphic designers all go through, for example money issues and working long hours to reach a deadline. Since there was so much, I thought that a video series idea would work well as that creates steady content which will give people more incentive to follow so that they can watch more. The video I created is an example of one of the sharable video ideas on the things clients say to designers. I thought that it relates well to the target audience for Magnetic Designer and is easily do-able. This was another fun edit where it was interesting researching some of the crazy things clients can say to designers. Overall, I would grade myself a B.


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