Fish Island Labs


My general idea for this project was to film people in the space interacting with each other as well as the great scenery around the area such as the lovely river and the nearby greenery. Using videos with more visual information is useful in helping people to make an informed decision on which office space to choose. This would work to help sell the space as they would be able to see what a great working environment it could be. In this mock up video I created in particular, I compared a boring office life to the more enlightening one Fish Island Labs would be. I thought about the pros of the office such as its great warm and comforting feel in comparison to a cold boring office routine.

Overall, it was quite fun to edit this as I used short detailed clips to give it a dramatic feel. I made sure that I found a good background audio to go along with it to make it even more dramatic as well as align the timings of the music. I would grade myself a C/B


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