LeCool London

My Idea:

  • A page where members of the public can post their own recommended spot in London
  • Other users can up vote and thumbs up a post to increase it’s popularity.
  • Members can earn points from recommendations



I created this website mock up based on the original site layout to show how this new feature idea could be easily incorporated within the existing website design. I used the same styles to show how my idea could be displayed on the website.



I also created a mock-up of what the reviews of the venues would look like and the ways in which you can interact with the user who posted the recommendation.

Gift voucher


I also designed a voucher for the system, however I ultimately did not include this in the pitch as using vouchers as an incentive doesn’t quite work in getting people to place value in the company itself. Moreover, it gets them excited for the discount rather than the brand.

Overall, being the first of the live briefs, it started off okay since it was the first time completing a brief within such a short time scale. It gave me a basis as to how much I could get done in a week including thinking of the idea and creating some initial designs to then creating the final design piece and presentation.

I would grade myself a C+ since it took quite a bit of time and effort to design the website mock-ups however my idea could have been more creative.


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