Dissertation Prep

An intro of what your dissertation will be about – the more detailed the better

An overview of what you will be talking about

Discussing ideas for primary research – specifically who will you contact and what you are hoping to find out

Secondary research – find out which are the key texts/aspects of the subject, who has written about it – what types of literature

How your thinking of breaking down your dissertation into chapters

Elaborate on your lead question – as focused as possible – what it is about

prepare brief presentation on 3 current discussions/debates in the area of your subject (what’s going on/what are people saying)

Engage with what other people are talking about

Bring visuals to illustrate your point

How unrealistic standards in the advertisement media affect people’s perceptions on beauty.

How unrealistic standards of beauty in advertising affect people’s perception of women.

  • Dove real beauty advertising and it’s overall effectiveness in comparison to heavily photoshopped ads such as makeup advertising
  • Make-up advertising
  • plastic surgery,
  • femininity , white, skinny, already models are selective even without photoshop, limited range of body image, highly limited selection of models. representation of femininity, gays, naomi wolf – the beauty myths
  • asian beauty- white, pale, large eyes, small straight thin nose, cheap surgery

So there are 2 parts the hand in on moodle which includes the lead question, progress map and each strategy to be uploaded

and then a presentation

where we present our ideas

the presentation should include these sort of things :


Research strategy

Start identifying key research sources – books, articles

How can you start breaking down the question into chapters – 3/4 thematic chapters – all relating to lead question as well as each other

progress map

•Interview a range of people, not just close friends

•athletes paralypimcs photographer alexander mcqueen, artificial limbs with a beautiful face- creation of language of images what are beauty standards. different groups of people, younger girls

•how much information people are taking in around them- stuart hall, how different people engage with information they are presented with- some can reject images they are presented with. how they perceive information

•how adverts with women in 20s excludes other ages- older and younger

•how ads on tubes and buses get the most publicity- very public

•magazine ads are more limited because they are targeted towards a certain group.

•Magazine with an older age group would be targeted towards an older woman. TV ads would be a range- old woman hair dye. Narrow it down to adverts in particular places. Pick magazine/public ads to look at, see how people respond to it.

one PDF monday before 4pm

summary of the whole concept of the dissertation

research strat- plan for each chapter. secondary resources for each chapter and primary research. how you will devise it, questions you want to ask, interviews you want to do

progress map- diary journey planner, what you have been doing on research, primary/secondary sources. what you plan to do over the summer


objectivity- facts/stand back view, isolating with no emotion

subjectivity- everybody’s perspective can be taken into view- more emotionally invested.

Subjectivity- how do you identify with your topic- your relation to the topic- your bias, how your opinion is influencing your research


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