Dead girl walking

Shots of the scenery- park trees, bushes, park- sounds of forest/park

Eunice sits up from the ground rubbing her head looking confused

I jump in from behind with a boo and scare eunice. Liz laughs

She jumps up and questions ‘who are you? What are you doing here?… wait, what am i doing here?’

Liz “Don’t you know?”

Eunice “Well, obviously not”

Liz, sigh “why are they always so grumpy?” *Rolls eyes and starts walking away

Euni scrambles to keep up “Hey! So… who are you?” walking alongside Liz

Liz stops, looks at eunice head on and smiles/smirks “I’m the grim reaper, here to take your soul” *evil smirk

Eunice is taken aback “you don’t look like a grim reaper”

Liz carries on walking “well, how would you know, you don’t even know what a grim reaper look like”

Eunice walks “where is your scythe? and the cloak and dagger effect?”

Liz “Really Eunice?”

Eunice “you know my name?!”

Liz “of course I know your name… Eunice, you know you’re dead?”

Eunice “errm, not im not!”

Liz “err, yes you are!”

Eunice “am not!”

Liz “Are too!!”

Eunice “Nooo”

Liz “yuhhh, I can do this all day sucker. I’m not dressed like this for nothing!”

Eunice “are you serious?”

Liz “as serious as a baby nine months after prom

Eunice “you are really bright…”

Liz “Exactly, you follow the light… duh. SQUIRREL!!”

Liz starts running away after an imaginary squirrel

Eunice “Wait!!”

Liz from a distance shouting “Just follow the light!!”

Eunice shakes her head “psycho”

Eunice stands in place, feeling confused looking at her hands and poking herself.

She walks around the park and sees people ignoring her.

Liz puts her hands on Eunice’s shoulders and scares her again

Eunice “stop that!”

Liz cackles

Eunice “they can’t see me” looking sad

Liz “you can cross you know”

Eunice “cross where”

Liz “to the other side”

Eunice “How?”

Liz “The light… Me”

Eunice takes a step back like she is going to take a running start

Liz “whoa, whoa not so fast!!”

Eunice runs towards Liz and disappears as she goes through Liz’s body.

Flashbacks of Eunices memories flow through Liz’s mind. Her sister laughing, talking to her mum~ camera from her POV

Back to the park

Liz rubs head “Ouch”

In relief, starts taking off the strange costume- wig and skirt

takes phone out from pocket and pulls to ear “Hello, it’s Charley. I have fulfilled the contract and Eunice has been escorted out. I will be sending you the bill

Post-promotion. Advertise my services for guiding your departed loved ones. Talk to your departed one last time and tell them what you never got the chance to.


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