Food Labels

For the Low Carbon Emission Project i’ve been working with my classmate Emily on a way to reduce people’s carbon footprint in their everyday lives. We wanted something simple that people could catch onto and actually take the initiative to follow through with. Our idea was to create a label for food packaging to inform the user on where to store your food in the fridge. I thought this was an important topic which hasn’t really been touched upon and most people aren’t aware that it can make a difference. The current food waste in the UK is 7 Million tonnes per year, half of which could have been eaten.

It makes a difference where you store your food in the fridge as it will be colder at the bottom and warmer at the top since warm air rises. This will therefore make some foods expire in less time than it should because it wasn’t stored at the correct temperature. The fridge door is also an unstable area in terms of having a fluctuating temperature when you open and close the fridge each time. This makes it an unsuitable placement for dairy products such as eggs and milk which need to be kept at a colder temperature for maximum longevity.

I also created a simple animation to demonstrate and introduce the idea of the food label. I did this by creating each of the components in Illustrator, putting them together in Photoshop and making the animations in After Effects.


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