App Controlled Plug

Following on from the previous ideas about having an app controlled heating system, we thought that it wouldn’t be able to work with a wide range of people’s homes since everybody has a different heating system. We then thought about making it more accessible to everyone by creating an app controlled plug extender. This is something in the household that most people have and will find useful. The side benefit that it saves electricity and is easy to use.

Since i’m not quite familiar on how to use 3D software to create a product design I requested the help of a student from BA Product Design to help come up with an attractive plug design which looks modern and appealing. I provided a sketch and some example ideas to form some sort of design.

The issue I found out that comes from collaborating with someone is that you often loose the creative control that you have when doing a project on your own from start to finish. This is because we each have our own imaginations on how the product should look so even though I gave a sketch of the plug design, the designer would have the control to add what they want and think looks good. This is a collection of the designs I was sent.Image-1

My first impression was that it just looked like a regular old plug extension lead where I was looking for a modern and sleek one.

A lot of feedback we got from this idea was that it surely existed already. Research on this was that it did exist mostly in other countries but it was harder to track down a UK one. In the end, we decided not to go through with this idea because it wasn’t too original and the design was not going in the direction we had in mind.


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