Interaction Design

My idea for an interactive design is an interactive window on a train. The idea is that you would be able to select a mood and add an overlay of a scenery which would be more appealing than the view outside the train window. This could be the view of inspiring mountains, a calm riverside or a beautiful sunset. This would make for a much more interesting train ride.

The product is based on Samsung’s smart window which demonstrates that it is possible to have a transparent touch screen as a window and a smart device.

The brand I am linking this product to is South West trains. I decided on this because I find their overall feel of trains is much more modern and is a more calming experience. They are usually longer journeys as well so it would be more appreciated by the average commuter. This could be targeted towards people coming home from work, or even an family where the parents are finding ways to entertain the kids on a long train journey.

I created this example of things that the interactive window could do. To expand on this idea, I am working on creating a better interface where there is a clearer navigation for better interactivity.


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