House Doctor

So, one of the ideas that I chose to develop further is a product that monitors energy consuming factors in your home using sensors. These appliances could include heavy consumers such as heating, lighting or low energy consumers such as a TV or microwave on standby. My idea started off as a switch that will automatically turn itself off if not in use or when on standby like the microwave, TV and chargers. These small consumers actually use up a lot of energy and is called Phantom Electricity. This was developed further with the idea that it could also be controlled through the use of an app on your smartphone or smart device. When out and about, you could use to app to turn that power consuming electrical off. 

This was further developed with the idea of a free standing sensor in the home, or one attached to the ceiling which could measure the temperature of the house and send you a notification on your phone if you have left a light on or the heating. It would also be a great addition to be able to switch it off through the app. This would be great for the environment because even turning your heating down 1 degree can save a lot of energy and money spent on heating. The app itself could also have categories where there can be other tips on how to be energy efficient in other ways.

The overall idea is a likeness to Battery Doctor for your phone however it is for the energy consumption and state of your house. Overall, a House Doctor.


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