Lots of little ideas

I am now into my 2nd year of my Digital Advertising and Design course where one of my goals this round is to update my blog a lot more. Starting off the first project of the term is the Creative Collaboration brief. This includes the task of starting to work with various people with skills different to your own as part of a collaborative group. The main idea is to get away from secludedly simply working alone on your computer, where teamwork plays a larger role in the real industry.

The brief I decided to go forward with is the Low Carbon Project where the goal is to come up with an original idea that will help towards reducing your carbon footprint. I chose this project because it is a topic which I actually believe in and wish to come up with an idea that will improve the state of the environment.

My weak points include my inability to make decisions and overall concept ideas. This makes collaborating with others who have this ability a great benefit for me. The kind of person I am looking for would be someone who can lead and organise the group together.

Some of my many ideas include:

Lightbulbs that change colour when old telling you to change it or add a warning on a lightbulb to indicate that it has been on for a long time and it needs to cool down

Company that will pay for your large appliances e.g dishwasher, fridge… they will dispose of it for you, collecting it from your house

develop a switch that will automatically turn itself off if not in use/ when on standby like the microwave, tv, chargers… (can react to an app)

heat sensors that will turn off lights when you are not in the room

create more secure bike stations… a reason to dissuade from biking is that you fear it could get stolen, more secure facilities can help with that

ride a bike and charge your phone

Advertise groups with fitness classes to generate energy, riding bikes

portable device that you can attach to a bike to charge it- additional option to attach it to santander bikes

minimise food waste by learning where to store your food in the fridge or freezer – you could have food labels which tell you where to store it in the fridge e.g- store this is the fridge door, or on the top shelf of the fridge

I am therefore looking to collaborate with a graphic designer or possibly a product designer.


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