Tropicana vs. Naked Juice

I believe I am going to change one of the brands involved in my brand collaboration task where I had wondered what Naked Juice was getting out the collaboration. I then decided to go onto and browse some of the brands of juice which were available and didn’t already have a line of smoothies. I first looked at Robinsons and their website, however, I decided their target audience was too centred around younger children and the existing audience of Original Source may not be as suited to Robinsons.

I then found Tropicana Juice’s which would make a much better collaboration since there is the appropriate emphasis on natural ingredients, which in this case is 100% fruit. The collab would then be more mutually beneficial where a Tropicana smoothie range could help to target peoples fruit consumptions so they reach their 5-a-day. Original source would also benefit in bringing awareness to their shower gel flavours where if people were to try the smoothies, they may want the shower gel too and vice versa.

Tropicana’s website also demonstrates the emphasis on the healthy nature of the juice which is similar to Original source in their use of all natural ingredients.


It’s crazy how many times I seem to change my mind. It’s definitely a weakness of mine. I just go back and forth in my decision making which isn’t quite indecisiveness, but is me making a decision, then constantly changing it. Well, (for now) I think I am in fact sticking with Naked Juice as it just suited the shower gel product a lot better than tropicana. Naked had the whole nature, fruit and packaging going for them and was just all too appealing. And so, this whole tropicana idea is simply a brief interlude to the real brand collab between the two chosen ones.


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