Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda is a possible mascot to advertise my shower gel fruit inspired smoothies. Her iconic look includes a basket of fruit on her head which relates well to my fruit smoothie where both products of Original Source and Naked Juice put an emphasis on the fruits of the products. The use of Carmen Miranda then ties the two products together in order to advertise them.

However, my only hesitation on using her is that if it is a younger audience I am targeting, they may not know who Carmen Miranda was and would not understand that form of advertising. This is because if I myself saw Carmen Miranda advertising the product, I would have no idea who she was and what she was supposed to represent. Then again, I would also just accept her as a woman with a bowl of fruit on her head, so perhaps it will help to bring enlightenment to the younger culture as to who she is. Since older people will also be a target audience, using Carmen Miranda perhaps be more known and people will remember her and her work.


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