Smoothie Shampoos

After a few hours on the Superdrug website, clicking next page after page, I wrote down some of the more interesting fruit ingredients used in some of the toiletry scents. This includes bath washes, shampoos, conditioners, hand washes, and shower gels.

Here are some of the fruit scents I found that could easily be translated in to a fruit smoothie-

pear and green tea

cinnamon, cloves and apple shampoo

blue fig and orange blossom shampoo

vanilla and papaya shampoo

avacado, condensed milk, and almond milk

raspberry and pomegranate

coconut and lychee

strawberry and almond milk

lime and coconut

passionfruit and cajá

vanilla and coconut

strawberry and kiwi & honey/apple

sour apple shampoo and mandarin

Cucumber, green apple, and melon shampoo

kiwi mango with pineapple and add a few leaves of mint

Green tea and apple

mint & green tea

Acai berry and avocado 

While scrounging around on the Superdrug/Boots websites I was also in search of a new brand that would go better together with innocent smoothies as herbal essences didn’t quite have the range of fruit scents that I was looking for in order to inspire more smoothie flavours. After no real exciting results, I then researched in to possible smoothie brands that would be better than innocent where I could imagine them collaborating with a toiletry brand. I then came across Naked Juice and noted that aside for another possible smoothie brand if innocent smoothies didn’t quite go so well. On to the Superdrug website again and I find a great combination of Original Source with Naked Juice- Bingo!

This decision was made based on the design of the two websites and what they each believed in. Both websites were quite similar, as well as the theme of their products and attitude.

Original Source Website
Original Source Website
Naked Juice Website
Naked Juice Website

Looking at the individual products of each brand was also inspiring-

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 09.37.58 pm Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 09.38.17 pm

Overall, I think that Original Source and Naked Juice is a much better combination over Innocent and Herbal Essences which were the early stages of a brand collaboration idea.


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