The Gift Of Water

This video is interesting as it targets people living in first world countries to donate by feeling bad about the issues that we often complain about which simply pale in comparison to the daily struggles that others in 3rd world countries go through.

It is also somewhat different to the other video campaigns that they have done where they often use children and their narrative to tell their story.

This is a very common advertising technique for charities where the use of children often generates a more sympathetic response towards their state.

TheGiftOfWater’s youtube channel gains quite a lot of views for most of the videos they put up as it shows how the lack of water can directly affect them. We often don’t think about how much we rely upon water and other first world items such as clean clothes and fresh food which may seem so basic to us. However by advertising that the struggle really exists outside the little bubble we live in draws awareness and attention to something which may be forgotten in our own ‘problems’.


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